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THE WHITE SPIDER E.P. (12", 2017, Enfant Terrible / Gooiland Elektro ET055 Gooiland 30)

Four tracks for acid mongers on the great Gooiland Elektro label. Inspired by Heinrich Harrer's eponymous book and recorded on the Revox reel to reel tape recorder that I was able to secure from Rude 66 a while after we recorded Wittenburg EP on it. Released on Enfant Terrible sub label Gooiland Elektro, check out this great mix, and these radioshows (1 / 2) for tracks off this EP and other ET material.

A01: The White Spider (listen on Soundcloud or Youtube)
A02: Roll The Dice (preview on Juno)
B01: Crevasse (listen on Soundcloud)
B02: Retreat (preview on Juno)

Check out the video that Schone Vormen created for the title track: Vimeo / Youtube

KIKLOP E.P. (12", Expected 2018, Narrominded NM077)

Five cuts that start where Wittenburg EP meant to go on. Leaning heavy on the electro side of things with a little bit of acid house and synth pop in the mix. Recorded between 2013 and 2017. Mastered by Ma Spaventi. Coming out on black vinyl in the first quarter of 2018.

A01: Health Kraze
A02: Edict
A03: Cool Taupe

B01: Dok
B02: Kiklop

SPLIT LP4: GARCON TAUPE / LEGOWELT (LP, 2009, Narrominded NM039)
Sharing an LP with Legowelt on Narrominded's final part of the Split LP Series that also included contributions from Living Ornaments, Accellera Deck, Cor Fuhler, Mats Gustafsson, Hydrus and Kettel. My tracks were mixed to tape at Rude 66's Triple Six Lounge. Opening track Lobo got voted 'Dance track of the year' by the visitors of the now defunct music website Eclectro.

Garcon Taupe - Wittenburg EP (listen in full on Soundcloud)
A01 - Lobo
A02 - Utaupia
A03 - Dolby Pipeline
A04 - Huppy Capsule
A05 - Plop Tech

Legowelt - Landrovers in Astrophysics EP
B01 - Madeira Osprey
B02 - The Stars, The Universe, Etc.
B03 - Bob Morane's Land Rover
B04 - Pago Pago, West Samoa

APNEU - MIXED FEELINGS (MC, 2016, Subroutine Records SR072)
Apneu is "a set of slackers playing simple but catchy riffs that stick in your brain for eternity. Boredom is Apneu and, yes, boredom is cool. Way fucking cool." For Mixed Feelings, they had eleven artists remix their album Hard Feelings. They even had Isolde Woudstra redo the cover photo in a great way. My favorite song wasn't taken yet so I could remix Number One. It was released on tape by Subroutine,
POKE 20 (Digital, 2009, Esc.Rec 25)
In the C64 Orchestra project, a classical orchestra played newly arranged C64 game music. For the sequel Poke 20 released by Esc.Rec., 21 artists contributed a remix of the Orchestra's rendition of Rob Hubbard's classic 'Monty on the run'. The digital release came with a physical packaging in the form of a screen printed poster. I recorded my version using my Oberheim DMX drum computer, my bass guitar and the Juno 60 that I borrowed from Coen Oscar Polack that summer.

Fourteen Dutch electronic artists covering Brian Eno’s album Another Green World (1975) in its entirety. Contributions by FFF, Polycorn, Legowelt, Rude 66, Coen Oscar Polack, Spoelstra, This Is Total War, Garçon Taupe, Nanko, Baba Electronica & DJ Lonely, Hakki Takki, Puin + Hoop, Hunter Complex and Hydrus. The artwork for the digipack sleeve was designed by Willehad Eilers a.k.a. Wayne Horse. Listen to my track on Soundcloud or Youtube, or check out the whole album on Spotify. More info here.

Here Is the Night EP was the first release by Hunter Complex and served as a starter for his first album. It contained reworks of the track Here Is the Night by Garçon Taupe (listen on Youtube), Spoelstra and Coen Oscar Polack. Hunter Complex was previously active in electronic music acts Living Ornaments and Psychon and is the co-owner of the Narrominded label. Around the turn of the century, under the moniker Larz, he created two lo-fi pop albums that reached a cult-status internationally. ‘Call Larz another bedroom genius – which he is, but he’s got that extra bit of special something about him’, said at the time. More info here.
Dutch producer Kubus is known for producing great tracks with a.o. Opgezwolle, Jawat and DuvelDuvel and he really broke the mould of traditional boombap Nederhop beats with his synthetic sound. For a while, he teamed up with the British spoken word artist BangBang, who had a great talent with words but also for creating media hypes. He faked a fight with a tv host, organised a fund raising event for Bangladesh and he had a show on the Dutch equivalent of MTV (TMF) I think. He also opened a store in Amsterdam and planned to start a record label under the same name. He even invited Dutch rapper Steen to make a diss track about him, probably to get some traction around the new label I guess. Steen delivered a track that was pretty ruthless and maybe more than BangBang bargained for, but he never recorded a response. After one more album in 2008, Kubus & BangBang called it quits. BangBang was arrested for domestic violence a while later and dissappeared off the radar after that. Anyway, for this CD, 13 artists delivered beats to spoken word versions of the tracks on 'Learning Curve'. Anybody who wanted could participate in this project but the lineup on this is turned out to be pretty impressive, with the like of Funckarma, Michael Fakesch (of Funkstörung fame), Secede, Quench and FS Green. Me and the Narrominded guys recorded a pretty cool video for my contribution that featured BangBang in his store. My track was done with two instruments only: an Oberheim DMX and a MicroKorg.
(LP + CD-R, 2002, Narrominded NM010)
The tenth release on Narrominded contained a mixture of new electronic music from the Netherlands alongside tracks by international artists, like Duplo Remote (uk), Bedouin Ascent (uk) and Pete Namlook (ger). The idea behind the compilation was the merging of different approaches and directions in new experimental electronic, ambient and IDM music, with an emphasis on Dutch electronica. I contributed one track to the LP and a couple more to the cd-r that accompanied the record. More info here.
  Roaming around in the Dutch underground since 2001, Garçon Taupe has occasionally played live gigs and contributed tracks to compilation albums on Narrominded, Esc.Rec. and Top Notch. Until 2007, Garçon Taupe was bassplayer in noiserock outfit Gone Bald, a band that has released eight albums on a.o. Interstellar Records and Narrominded, and played tons of shows in underground venues throughout Europe. In the fall of 2009 his debut "Wittenburg EP" appeared as part of Narrominded Split LP #4, with compatriot Legowelt taking care of the flipside.